How To Manage Knee Pain and What to Know Before Considering Knee Surgery

March 25, 2021

6pm - 7 pm

If you or someone you love have been suffering and considering knee surgery, this FREE virtual seminar is for you!


Does this sound familiar?

Have pain after standing for a long period of time?

Lean on the cart while shopping?

Have difficulty getting up and down off the floor?

Have you been told your knees are bone on bone?

Considered surgery, but are scared of the rehab after?

Tried braces, creams, and even Physical Therapy before?

If you answered yes to any of these, this webinar is for YOU!


Join us for a FREE 1 hour seminar led by Catherine Courtney, Specialist Physical Therapist.

  • Understand the terms that doctors use when describing knee problems
  • Learn how conservative treatments can improve function
  •  Understand how the rehab process works after surgery so that you can make an informed decision.

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