Don't Let Hip Pain Hold You Back From Doing the Things You Love! 

(Gardening, Riding a Bike, Walking, or Swimming)

OR, maybe pain is keeping you from doing things you DON'T love, but have to do them anyways...

Do you have hip pain when you....

Stand up?

Roll over in bed?

Put on your socks and shoes?

Getting in and out of your vehicle?

Going up and down stairs?

If you do, and you are serious about getting help, then click below and save your spot for our Hip Pain Webinar!


Tuesday, September 29th | 10:00 am CT

If you or someone you love have been suffering with hip pain, this FREE seminar is for you!


Registration is limited!

All registrants will get a recorded copy of the webinar.

See what others are saying about

Blue Wave!

 "I could hardly walk when I came in and after Catherine evaluated me and worked with me for about 8 weeks, I, not only could walk up and down stairs, but I was also able to complete a 3 mile race. My legs and core were much stronger after using the water therapy. It is awesome and healing. I love that Catherine gives you individual therapy for a full hour. "

"Blue Wave is different, and in the very best way. You matter! Your needs are primary. You will have a physical therapist (Catherine) who is not only expertly skilled, but there with you throughout the process. She adjusts your treatment as needed because she understands what's happening as your therapeutic needs change. She's always observing what you are doing, rather than giving you tasks and attending to 5 other people. You will receive direct, personal, individual, caring attention. She is a skilled healer."

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