When The Foot Hits the Ground

Top Secrets to Relieve and Avoid Foot Pain

Join us from the comfort of your own home or in person.

Tuesday, September 28th



5:30 PM In Person

(limited seating available)

3100 Kingman Street Metairie, LA

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Who is This For?

  • People who have foot pain when they first stand up in morning
  • People who have limited their activities or walking because of pain
  • People who have "weak ankles" and are always cautious to avoid falls
  • People who are conscious about what type of shoes to be wearing


During this FREE event, you'll learn:

  • Why foot pain is so common
  • How other injuries may be causing your foot pain
  • Top secrets for immediate relief of foot pain
  • Top exercises to maintain strength and mobility in the foot and ankle
  • How to support your foot and still wear the shoes you want


Catherine Courtney

Hey there! I'm Catherine! I am not only a physical therapist, but have also been through physical therapy myself!    As an athletic teenager, she had to sit out of basketball games and “rest” due to knee pain, which was not fun and very frustrating.  I eventually went to physical therapy, had a great experience, got back in the game, and wanted to be a Physical Therapist myself. 

Fast forward to my late 30’s… After 3 kids and working full time, the athletic side seemed to be disappearing. Instead, I had back and hip pain, difficulty working, and taking care of my kids. Getting back to exercising and taking care of myself seemed overwhelming in my busy life.  The solutions offered by physicians were injections and “holding out for a total hip replacement.”  Even as a therapist who has helped rehabilitate hundreds of total joint replacements, this was scary!   My solution was to go back to my true love, swimming.  I found that “water is medicine” and was a gateway to my recovery.  Still no hip replacement!!

I figured out how to keep adults active, even with aging, and return adults in pain back to active lifestyles.  That’s why I started Blue Wave Physical Therapy and Wellness – to make sure individuals get the care and guidance they need to stay active and fit and even, as our bodies give us trouble. If you are limited in your activity due to pain, then Blue Wave Physical Therapy and Wellness is the right place for you. 

"Blue Wave is the best! I could hardly walk when I came in and after I was evaluated and a plan was developed, they worked with me. Now not only can I walk up and down stairs, but I was also able to complete a 3 mile race. I love the individual therapy for a full hour."

"Blue Wave is different and in the very best way! You matter! Your needs are primary. You will have a physical therapist who is not only expertly skilled, but there with you throughout the process. Your treatment is adjusted as needed based on what's happening as your therapeutic needs change. They are always observing what you are doing, rather than giving you tasks and attending to 5 other people. You will receive direct, personal, individual, caring attention at Blue Wave."

"I love the one-to-one attention the staff gives to their patients. You are dealing with certified Physical Therapists with Blue Wave and not interns. To me that is very important when your in pain. Love their knowledge and great equipment. Very clean facility. Highly recommend Blue Wave."